How to choose furniture

Camping GearIf you have tired of office and city’s vanity, it is a good time for going on the nature and taking pleasure in silence and rest. If you want to make the rest on the nature really comfortable first of all you must take care of all that you can be needed for: camping tent, sleeping bags, mobile kitchen and, naturally, camping furniture.

Choosing camping furniture it is not difficult to acquire three simple truths:

1. Camping furniture should be solid;

2. Camping furniture should be easy;

3. Camping furniture should be comfortable.

Camping furniture manufactures have endeavored wonderfully well, having created not only solid and light, but also comfortable furniture. In most cases you do not even need to gather the furniture because frequently it doesn’t require any additional means of assemblage. You can find such models amongst camping furniture of firms-manufacturers with good responses and reputation, for example: Easy Camp, Lafuma, Canadian Camper, Outwell, Camping World and others.

Durability of camping furniture is one of the main parameters of a choice. Pay attention on metal which is used in camping furniture production. Nowadays its skeleton is basically made of aluminum and its alloys – a strong and reliable material. All camping furniture is made of it: chairs, tables, armchairs, cases, chaise lounges, beds and so on.

As a fabric for camping furniture manufactures usually use Polyester 1200D or Polyester Oxford 600D. Having such skeleton’s and fabric’s parameters your seat, for example, can sustain weight to 100 kg, and sometimes more. By the way, some chairs are equipped by special tips made of plastic which allow steadier being. For sandy district it is possible to choose chairs, which have collapsible frames instead of usual legs.

Camping GearThe camping furniture should be compact. Certainly, you can own a trailer, and all your family, friends and furniture can settle down into it. So, if you have a RV, you are really successful. In another case you should refuse something or choose more suitable furniture. Nowadays great firms-manufacturers produce compact camping furniture. So, for example, the big table on 6 persons turns to a small suitcase in size of 63*75*62 cm. Specially for chaise lounges, armchairs and cases there are some bags which can contain already combined furniture. Besides, as it was already mentioned, camping furniture has no additional details, so you will not have any problems with assembly.

If the volume of your luggage is limited, and except furniture you want to bring the tent, provisions, balls for children and other pleasures for a good rest, you can buy small compact chairs or armchairs and a folding table developing in a small suitcase. This complete set will suffice you for all camping needs. On this table you can cook, eat and play some various board games with children.

Probably, it is necessary to speak about armchairs separately. You must remember that their weight must be not very big. Standard weight of a small armchair is about 3 kg. Larger models with the leaning back, regulated armrests weigh the little more. Nowadays camping armchairs are equipped by various conveniences. They also can have a regulation of a lumbar emphasis that allows to choose a convenient position, an adjustable back, lateral little tables for meal and drinks, and even a pocket for a mobile phone!

So, choose a popular firm-manufacturer, consult about material’s durability of some camping furniture, weigh it, estimate volumes concerning your luggage – and purchase! Comfortable rest and pleasant pastime will be guaranteed to you! Just have a nice journey!