Classification of camping auto houses

Auto houses campingCaravanning as the current, direction and a way of life have been already existed in about a century. Hundred years ago Henry Ford has started mass production of legendary Lizzi. Right when the car became accessible to lots of people, Americans have started to travel far and wide along the continent in search of adventures and dearly loving freedom.

Caravanning has also begun from car’s travels. A bit later there appeared first mobile houses, and since those days caravanning has taken a special place in the hearts of many Americans, and then Europeans, forever.

For centenary history people had created the large quantity of the various models corresponded to different requirements and financial possibilities of the traveler. Caravanning market also offers different kinds of campers for auto travelers. Depending on the budget and requirements it is possible to get the tent-trailer or the indwelling trailer; it is possible to surprise neighbors with magnificent camper, equipped by last word of techniques and fashion. We will try to tell you about the basic types of mobile houses.

Different types of mobile houses

The mobile house for travelling is equipped by techniques and the furniture necessary for short-term residing. It usually has a kitchen block, some berths, and a bathroom.

There are two basic types of mobile houses depending on a movement principle: auto houses and trailers. For travelling by indwelling trailers you must have special tractor, and auto houses are indwelling cars which move independently. Today we will talk about auto houses.

Auto houses are constructed on the automobile chassis. In the European classification there are four kinds of campers: dwelling minivans, alcove, semi-integrated and integrated campers. In the American classification auto houses are divided into three classes: A, B, C.

camping auto housesThe dwelling minivan

It is a batch minivan product, equipped with furniture, techniques, sometimes has a bathroom. Dwelling minivans are usually count on two persons. In Europe people buy dwelling minivans as the family car which is used for short-term departures on the nature and rest.

The alcove camper

This auto house is constructed on the serial chassis. Unlike the semi-integrated auto house it has an alcove. The alcove is located over the driver’s cabin. Usually there is a double bed in an alcove. This camper’s kind resembles for the big companies because about 8 persons can take a night place in this mobile house.

The semi-integrated camper (partially integrated auto house)

The semi-integrated camper is constructed on the serial chassis. Europeans usually use Fiat, Renault, Ford, Pegeot, Mercedez chassis and others. The dwelling cabin is established on the serial chassis. Such auto house is the most maneuvers.

The integrated auto house

The basic difference of the integrated camper from others is its unique design. The manufacturer uses only the serial engine, a transmission and a suspension bracket to produce such auto house. The cabin of a camper is completely integrated into dwelling space. So, the integrated auto houses are really high-class cars for camping.

Caravanning of the XXIst century offers lots of variants and possibilities for auto travelers. Just choose a variant convenient for you and go forward to new emotions and adventures.